Document Coding

Document Coding


General Coding


We have skilled operators, in-house programmers specializing in extraction of specific data content from diverse documents to create database information. We work with all forms of database formats including MS Access, MS Excel and standard ASCII delimit files.


Frequently documents require trained personnel to interpret the data, other documents we utilize our extensive experience with OCR to identify and locate information, either of these methods together with our skilled quality staff and in-house validation programs ensure the highest level of accuracy.


We create database output files for all market sectors and broadly these are broken into 3 specific areas:


All types of documents many which need to be read to locate specific terms, information, financial details etc randomly throughout the document, and others where the required data is located consistently in every document.





Legal Coding


Working closely with legal organizations, we process documents to client specific coding specifications. Our extensive understanding of legal terminology and documentation ensures the highest accuracy whilst maintaining cost efficiency.


We output data compatible to all major legal proprietary software formats. This area of processing broadly covers:


Objective Coding - Basic coding processing involving bibliographic coding/document indexing (type of document, author, recipient, date etc).


Subjective Coding - A more comprehensive coding process in addition to the above, keywords and relevant data from the document text, flexible and specific to individual company requirements.


Full Text Capture/Data Transcription - Full Key entry of all content data from hard copy or image format to provide a fully searchable database at the touch of a button.



Medical Coding


As with general and legal coding we have highly skilled operators dedicated to medical coding, maintaining an exceptionally high level of understanding of medical terminology and documentation.


Where documents require search for specific data, information or medical terms our staff have the expertise and knowledge to provide this information with the highest level of accuracy.



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