UPDATE: As of May 2011 all Openworld Data vacancies, recruitment and vetting is handled by a specialist external recruitment organization.

Openworld Data no longer accept employment applications directly.

We are sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

Personnel Dept





Do you employ homeworkers?

- Unfortunately for data security reasons Openworld Data do not employ homeworkers.


Do Openworld Data advertise jobs on the internet such as Craiglist.

- No, Openworld Data never advertize job opportunities online.


Do you employ part-time as well as full-time people?

- Yes, we employ full time and part time personnel.


Do you provide in-house training?

- Yes.





Please be aware there are a number of employment fraud scams, typically found on Craigslist, in which the advertiser claims to offer positions/jobs with well known companies which include Openworld Data.


Individuals are typically asked to pay money in advance or offered money/sent checks to purchase equipment or software for at home data entry positions.


Openworld Data do not employ home workers and do not advertise vacancies or recruit in this way. These employment offers are not genuine and in no way connected to Openworld Data.


Similar Craiglist data entry scams: