Featured Projects

Featured Projects


OCR / Data Processing of Resumes


A US Recruitment organization selected Openworld Data to process their many thousands of hardcopy resumes on an ongoing daily basis.


Each resume is processed by OCR and cleaned providing an identical copy of the original, which our client loads directly into their system


We also create a template snap shot of specific data for use in the client search system.








Surveys Questionnaires


Openworld Data was selected by US Consumer Survey Organization as its principle supplier for processing of surveys in the US and Canada.


Openworld Data receive, sort, count, open and prepare the surveys. The surveys are then scanned and processed to extract the data.


The data extraction processing includes tick boxes, handwritten comments and free flow text. All the data is collated into a quality data output file.




Response Cards


The project was to handle the receipt of response cards via our Mailroom Services Department, process and capture the marketing data, which included Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email, Telephone / Cellphone and a variety of tick box responses


The total project was made up of several promotions which were rolled out state by state. Openworld Data provided the extensive reporting and analysis of responses by demographic, giving accurate information for the decision making process for follow up promotions.



Document Coding


Openworld Data worked with a major International legal firm to code thousands of pages of documents.


Openworld Data's specialist coding team indexed the source data by developing a specific Subjective Coding routine for the customer. This included bibliographic coding/document indexing (type of document, author, recipient, date etc) together with specific word search unique to the customer's criteria.




Accounts Payable BPO Processing


Openworld Data work with several customers to provide supplier invoicing, statement and back office processing.


Each project has the same basic requirement to receive directly at our office customer mail, open, sort, prep and scan documents. Openworld Data's flexible operations then provide each customer with the option to decide what processing criteria is required for their own specific requirements. A full support function is in place, including document tracking, query resolution and where necessary the return of documents to suppliers that fail the required criteria.


Technical Manuals


Openworld Data's customer on the West Coast required over 500 technical manuals in hard copy or PDF format converted to XML. Each manual averaging 800-1200 pages contains complex text and mathematical formula plus many graphics and photos. Many of the manuals have been annotated to update the text, which is included in the XML conversion.









OpenWorld Data process on a daily basis in excess of 10,000 HCFA 1500 and UB 92 forms providing our clients with the backup and reliability for this back office function.